These bands are the perfect accessory for lower body workouts to help tone your legs and booty. Increase your results with the workouts you're already doing!


  • Extremely High Quality: they don't pinch, burn, or tear like the rubber ones!
  • Premium Fabric: very gentle on your skin!
  • Small and Compact: throw them in your gymbag or backpack when you travel! 
  • Size: Small


Space Efficient & Travel Friendly

Lightweight & portable, take your workouts home, office, school, business trips, vacations, hotel & gym. 


Non-slip, Durable & Comfortable

The material of this leg bands is extremely durable and high quality, soft and stretchy fabric that feels soft to the touch, will not slide or roll up during workouts.


3 Different Resistance Levels

Pink - Hard: You have worked your way here or are an athlete.

Green - Medium: You are ready for added resistance to their workouts.

Purple - Easy: You are just starting out or recovering from injury.


Tone, Tighten & Shape!

This is all you'll need to join our classes, we will make sure you put these bands to use, help you create an exercise routine and show you hundreds of exercises you can do to lose fat, shape and tone your legs, abs and overall body.


Booty Band

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