🍑 Upper Body


Warm up: jump rope 5-10 minutes

Superset A: 3x8-12

  1. TRX row (palms in)

  2. DB reverse lateral fly

Superset B 3x8-12

  1. TRX row (palms down, elbows elevated)

  2. DB reverse front fly

Superset C 3x8-12

  1. DB shoulder press

  2. BD bent over straight arm lifts

A1. TRX row (palms facing each other)

  • To make this exercise easier, step back into a more upright position

  • Pull your chest up until your arms reach the side of your chest

A2. DB reverse fly

  • Maintain a straight back and try not to lift it as you move your dumbbells up

B1. TRX row (palms down, elbows elevated)

  • Similar to the other one except you're now elevating your elbows to sit next to your shoulders when you get to the top

  • Also, separate your arms away from each other as you pull up

B2. DB reverse front fly

  • Raise dumbbells about shoulder height

C1. DB shoulder press

  • Tighten abs

C2. BD bent over straight arm lifts

  • Keep arms straight

  • Avoid rounding the sholders

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