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Studio Update & Safety Protocols

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Effective June 17th, Total Fit Studio will take the following initiatives to mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and promote a safe environment. To our members, thank you for your feedback and continuous support during times like this.

We will be offering an open gym feature starting July 1st. If you are a local fitness enthusiast and are interested in using our space during space please let us know & be the first one to know all the details.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at weha@totalfit.studio, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Our "New Normal"

Facility Preparations

  • Bigger and more open space in the front area for before and after class

  • Disinfection and Sanitizing of the gym and front area

  • Removal of non essential high touch equipment including lockers

  • Signage has been placed on the floor throughout the gym to remind members and coaches of how to maintain a minimum of 6’ social distancing

  • Touchless Foaming dispenser has been purchased and spread out throughout the gym for easy sanitization - both soap and hand sanitizer

  • Air purifying system has been purchased to improve air quality, fight germs, kill airborne bacteria and viruses.

Changes in classes & memberships

  • Changes in class size - We are limiting our classes to 4 people per class so that we can have a big open personal space allowing for 6' social distancing and provide you with a great small group training experience.

  • Changes in class duration - In addition to changing the class size, classes will be 30mins long. This will help us accommodate our members during peak hours as we will be working at less than 50% capacity.

  • Changes in class set up - We have re-designed our future classes to accomodate for social distancing. You'll use the same equipment throuhgout class to ensure safety. The workouts will have shorter rest periods and your instructor will guide you throughout the entire routine, minimizing the time we would otherwise spend going over the exercises.

  • Lower membership rates - We will be offering lower membership rates to encourage more frequent workouts. You can find our new membership rates under the "Memberships" tab.

While social distancing, wearing your face mask, and basic hygiene practices can help reduce the risk of infection, we wanted to share our updated Total Fit Studio safety protocol with all of you, to face this new reality with positivity, and overall, to keep you safe.

Daily Staff Safety Procedures

  • All staff will answer all of the COVID-19 screening questions each day

  • Any staff members with symptoms of illness will not be allowed to work 

  • All staff will sanitize/wash their hands upon arriving at the gym and between each rotation/class

  • All staff will practice social distancing and/or will avoid direct physical contact with clients whenever possible 

  • All staff will adhere to all PPE requirements

  • All staff will be helping to wipe down high touch areas & bathrooms frequently throughout each session during the day and between each new group entering the gym

Daily Cleaning Procedures After Hours

  • All gym equipment will be sanitized and disinfected

  • All high touch areas will again be disinfected at the end of each day 

  • Air purifying systems will run overnight each night

For members - It is important that we all take responsability and initiative to prevent anyone from getting sick. We ask the you please:

  • Wash your hands before coming to the gym

  • Wear studio only shoes. We will kindly ask that you workout in socks or barefoot if you do not have a clean pair of shoes. No outside shoes will be allowed in the workout area.

  • Wear a face mask until you're stationed and ready to start the workout

  • Bring your own mat

  • Clean up after yourself with disinfecting supplies provided by the studio.

Checklist of things to bring in your gym bag:

  • Water Bottle

  • Extra Face Mask

  • Small “sweat” towel

  • Booty bands

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Socks & Sneakers

  • Yoga Mat

  • Extra Hair Ties/Brush

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