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March Newsletter: Class schedule + Challenges

Here is our March schedule. All classes have been updated for the month of march. Click here to access the booking calendar or download the Wix app here for quick access to booking.

All classes can be done on-demand a couple hours later any where, at any time! You will need booty bands and yoga mat.

Challenges - Starting March 1st!

We have put together real time challenges to keep you motivated and give structure to your workout based on your goal. Decide which challenge you want to do and we will take care of the rest! Classes will be recorded and will be available on-demand for you to complete the workouts for the day.

All classes are available to Basic + PRO members and can be done at anytime a couple hours later after the class under the on-demand tab.

21 Day Abs, Booty + Yoga

Daily workouts broken down into 3 different parts:

  • Abs - Mon, Wed, Fri

  • Booty - Tues, Thurs, Sat

  • Yoga - Sun

NOTE: The booty workouts for this program will require additional equipment - dumbbells, bench or chair, ankle weights (optional)

21 Day Bikini

It's not summer yet but this challenge is designed to get you warmed up for the hot weather and a more active lifestyle. Includes:

  • Tues - Abs + Booty

  • Thurs - Low Impact HIIT

  • Sat - Back + Butt

  • Sun - Yoga

21 Day Shred

Drop fat and keep your curves with this high intensity challenge. You'll have multiple coaches jumping on this program for some extra fun!

  • Mon - Full Body

  • Wed - Abs

  • Fri - Lower body

  • Sun - Cardio

28 Day Postpartum

A special program for moms who want to speed up the recovery process after giving birth. Great for any stage! Special tips for mothers diagnosed with diastasis recti.

This program includes daily steps that you'll need to follow along with two postpartum classes and one yoga class.

  • Tues - Pelvic floor exercises

  • Thurs - Restoring your core

  • Sun - Yoga

PRO members will have exclusive access to a more organized layout here.

Upgrade to PRO today for exclusive access to nutrition.

Download the app & reach out to us anytime in the chat button!

Contact us:

Total Fit Studio

Text: (860) 879-1033

Email: weha@totalfit.studio

Visit: www.totalfit.studio

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