March News: Local Studio Updates

We must not neglect that we're still going through a pandemic and as much as I'd like to make Total Fit Studio a place where you can workout at your leisure, this is not what our studio is about. Women come to me because they have certain goals but also because I'm here to coach them and guide them through a workout that's going to make them feel good.

The problem with open gym is that there's no guidance. I thought, by staying in the studio for extra long hours that somehow it would encourage people to come in without an appointment but realistically, it doesn't work.

Before the pandemic, we didn't offer online services but it has now become a very important aspect of the business. However, Peachbody, our signature workout, is how Total Fit Studio came along in the first place! The limit capacity suggested by the law led us to re-shape our original program and it is now called Private Training - a smaller sized group session to make sure you ladies are putting in the work with more space.

Our Private Training schedule can be found under the book now tab on the Wix app or schedule and it is now available for purchase online.

If you haven't tried it yet, it a full body workout led by a coach (me or Tabaski) and we offer 3 different programs based on frequency. We encourage you to pick one that suits your schedule the best and try it for 7-days free.

We will no longer offer the gym feature, this will allow me to have more control over your workouts and make sure you have a good experience in the studio. If you are a GYM member, you can manage your account by logging in or downloading the Wix App.

Private Training is limited to 6 females max and mask is a must! :)

Click here to sign up!

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