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Is Open Gym the Right Option for you?

Are you tired of being home?

Do you want to relieve some stress?

Do you want to feel better about your choices?

There is no doubt that the current pandemic has affected the way we interact with our daily lives. After a long time of having to stay in, it's time to step outside while being careful.

That's where our open gym comes in. Open gym will allow you to take care of those workouts while giving you the flexibility of stepping outside of home and into a clean sanitized environment.

We are offering an open gym option for people like you who would like to get back into the flow of things. While in studio you will be able to enjoy our Remote in Studio classes. Which means you can either workout on your own, or if you need some more guidance our online coaches will be on the screen for you to follow their steps.

For the month of August we want you to try this program out, we will be offering a free month of Open Gym so that you can try the facilities for yourself when you sign up for PeachLIVE. This will allow you to try the place out and see if its the right fit for you, and still take classes from home for that extra kick to your routine.

In other words, going to the gym can put you on the ‘health train’ as some like to call it. And once you get on that train, it’s pretty hard to fall off.

Stop by our studio at 276 Park Road West Hartford, CT 06119

Contact us weha@totalfit.studio

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