February Meal Guide

This months meal plan is designed to keep things simple, cost effective and most importantly get you results. As you can see, the meals remain the same throughout the week. Yes, I know it sounds boring. But, for each of these meals, there are many ways in which you can change it up to add variety everyday!

One of the best benefits of keeping your foods somewhat the same throughout the week is that it's cheap! Another amazing benefit is that you'll be able to identify how certain foods can affect your mood, energy and even skin. Furthermore, you'll be able identify what foods keep you fuller for longer.

We believe that following a meal guide is a great way to familiarize yourself with balanced nutrition while taking the guesswork out!

However, learning more about nutrition really pays off in the long run.

Note: It is possible to to consume a varied diet, but you can also do it YOUR way, and incorporate your favorite treats every day while staying on track and reaching your goals!

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