All about cardio!

Also known as cardi-NO...because let’s face it, cardio is hardio!

“Cardio” refers to any type of rhythmic physical activity that raises your heart rate. This has many benefits, from increased calorie burn to making your heart fit and strong!

We highly encourage you to think about cardio as a very useful tool to increase your overall fitness and reach your goals. You don’t need to perform crazy amounts of cardio, and most certainly you don’t need to do it every single day. However, we do believe that cardio has it’s place in every exercise protocol!

HIIT cardio

HIIT stands for “High Intensity Interval Training”. It’s a type of cardio involving applying maximum effort for short bursts of time, followed by rest - and then repeating until you’ve reached your goal number of sets.

By “maximum effort”, I mean that you should be working at least at 80% of your perceived maximum capacity (this can be quantified by measuring your heart rate, but going by perceived effort is fine too). You should be STRUGGLING big time to complete those sets, so push yourself! Then, you will typically rest for ~double the time between sets - and repeat a few times.

Speaking of rest between HIIT sets, ensure that your breathing is back to a nice even pace before proceeding to the next round (you should be able to ‘have a chat’). This means that when completing your next burst of exercise, you are able to give it your maximum effort.

Utilizing HIIT to increase your heart rate and really challenge yourself! Throughout the Peachbody program, we have included a combination of weighted HIIT, cardio and plyometric movements. This type of training elevates your heart rate quickly and keeps it up, allowing you to complete a very effective session in a short amount of time.

HIIT is also quite taxing on the body, so while it’s tempting to limit your workout time to 15-20 minutes every day by only implementing this style of training (especially if you enjoy it), we do not recommend that! Two-three sessions a week of true HIIT would be my recommended max, although it is good to sometimes incorporate elements of high intensity training in additional sessions.

LISS cardio

LISS stands for “Low Intensity Steady State” - meaning you will be working at a consistent pace, usually at 50-60% of your maximum perceived effort, tops. Your session will typically last for 30-60 minutes, as the point is to sustain this consistent effort for a relatively long period of time.

As LISS is gentle on the body, it is a great tool to increase energy expenditure throughout the day or to stay active on your rest days. It’s also a great option to get back to exercise, whether you’re recovering from an injury or haven’t worked out in a while.

Try our live or on-demand classes, they are great for this!

Hot Tip: Not sure if you’re performing LISS at correct intensity? Take your fit sis or partner for a brisk walk and see if you can sustain a casual conversation throughout. Getting out of breath? Slow down a bit and enjoy the chat!

Should you do cardio fasted?

It’s a persistent misconception that for best results (especially for fat loss), it’s best to complete cardio fasted - or on an empty stomach. An example would be exercising first thing in the morning, prior to having breakfast.

Truth is, this completely boils down to your personal preference! Research shows that while fasted exercise may burn a tad more energy from fat during the workout, the body is clever enough to compensate for it throughout the day.

If you want to train fasted each morning, do it purely because you genuinely prefer it. But overall, there’s no right or wrong way - you do you, girl!

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