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9 Tools That Will Level Up Your Home Workouts

It's no surprise the latest fitness trend in 2020 is working out at home. You can now participate in our classes from anywhere in the world through Zoom! In 30 minutes, you can have the most rewarding experience of your day. We want to share with you some pieces of equipment to elevate your workouts.

#1 Booty Bands

Booty bands are a great way to challenge your bodyweight workouts and are great for building your buttocks and legs.

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#2 Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a great tool for strength training.Working out with dumbbells helps to balance strength since they provide equal load to both sides of the body.

#3 Ankle Weights

Although relatively light and non-intimidating at first glance—don't underestimate the serious burn that adding even a couple of extra pounds to your lower-body moves can provide; adding resistance to any movement help your muscles grow.

#4 Steppers

Want to bump up your cardio? This is a great tool to use for various HIIT, Plyo and strength exercises! It will add an extra range of motions which means that your body will need more energy to perform the movements.

#5 Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be used to make strength-training exercise more challenging. You can store resistance bands anywhere and give any quick work out double the push! In some instances, these resistance bands can be used as a substitution for dumbbells, exercises like bicep curls and shoulder presses are some examples.

#5 Jump Rope

Such a simple way to incorporate more cardio into your routine! It is a great warm up exercise, you can do 5 - 10 mins of jump rope before your Peachbody or any other workout from home!

#7 Yoga Mat

This is the most important piece of equipment you're going to have! A yoga mat will be there for all of your workouts, therefore, it is important that you choose one a quality mat that you can travel and feel comfortable in.

#8 Foam Roller

Do you ever feel any muscular pain or aches from exercising or in general? Recovery is just as important as the workout itself. Foam rolling helps release tension in your muscles, and therefore helps lengthen your muscles so you have a better range of movement. If you're interested in learning how to use this tool, let us know you want us to make a special class for this!

#9 Gym Bag

A travel gym bag that keep your yoga mat, water bottle, booty bands and other equipment all in one place and can travel with you to your next workout sessions. Just grab and go!

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You will need a yoga mat & a pillow.

Lower Body Workout

You will need a yoga mat & a fabric booty band (optional).


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