Post college I had a really hard time adjusting to not being active. I was lost not having the structure I once had through sports. I became very depressed and extremely negative with myself for how I looked. My mental health was terrible and I felt so defeated, tired and unworthy. 

My best friend at the time was making big changes and I

wanted to support her as she accomplished a huge milestone

she’d been working towards for years.  My girl Josie had just

joined the Total Fit team. She organized an event at Plan B

down the street from the studio. The event consisted of a quick

25 minute workout that sadly I struggled through. I vividly

remember the woman next to me had brought her 9 year old

daughter. While I struggled not to pass out, this little girl made

it through the circuit without a complaint. 

After being a collegiate athlete, to see myself unable to make

it through this workout was extremely eye-opening. I felt so

beat down and worst of all, disappointed in myself. After

everyone had dispersed and I was STILL trying to catch my

breath, Gabi came over to me and asked if I had wanted to

start working out at the studio. I was so unsure at first and texted Josie a million questions trying to find out if it was the right thing for me. Like any best friend, she encouraged me and supported my decision, whatever it may be. Knowing my insecurities and unhappiness though, she encouraged me to at least come for a consolation and told me that she trusts Gabi very much and I would be in very good hands.

When I had my first weigh in, I came in at a terrifying 193 lbs. As horrified as I was, I knew I was ready to get it together.  After sitting down with the girls we narrowed down what we had to do to get me to my goals. I started off with their new client promotion which not only provided me with small group classes but also allowed me to work one on one with Gabi. Her wealth of knowledge in this field is never ending and each class I participated in I was exposed to new workouts and exercises. To this day I have not done the same workout more than once, and I have been attending classes 3 days a week for 3 months now.  As each class progressed, I got stronger and stronger. Gaining back the confidence I once had lost and just feeling overall happier. I looked forward to each class and whatever Gabi has planned to throw at me. 

I recently participated in their 6 week challenge where everything really took a true turn for the better. Not only have I receive compliments on how I look, I’m lifting heavier weights, able to run quicker on my personal timed miles and best of all, feel like myself again. The Total Fit community is also beyond supportive. I’ve met so many incredible women who inspire me every time we work out together. The atmosphere is a genuine and the trainers all sincerely care about your success and progress. 

Since my first weigh-in in July, I have lost 17 lbs, 6 inches off my waist and have dropped 5.3% body fat. I cannot thank Josie and Gabi enough for my success in the gym. Truly for them, their encouragement, knowledge and dedication I am where I am today. 

From the once scared girl to walk into a gym because I was so embarrassed of how bad it had gotten, to the girl I am now, willing to jump in for demonstrations, I owe my success to Total Fit Studio and cannot wait to keep working with this group I know consider family."

- Meg Brault



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