Gabriella is extremely talented and dedicated to help you achieved your fitness goals. She is not only your fitness coach but makes sure you understands what you are doing while working out and that you are using proper body form/posture. Total Fit Studio stands out, from its friendly crowds,to its unique astonishing modern look/equipment. My results were not only mind blowing but most importantly adequate and safe for the timeframe.

Iris Reyes - 

In the picture on the left I was 167.6 lbs, with a body fat % of 30.7 I was going to the gym semi-regularly and doing both weight training and cardio and my eating habits were relatively good . 8 weeks later I am 170.8 with a bf% of 28.8. My trainer calculated that I had gained 5.32 lbs of muscled and lost 2.33 lbs of fat. 

- Stephanie Rachel 

Looking for more than just physical change?

Fernanda's story

Have you ever felt you are in a boxing ring fighting against your own weight? You fight a good fight against all your other adversaries, but you keep putting your guard down when it comes to your weight. That’s where I found myself after I got laid off last spring. I told myself I will be fine, and when I get a job again “I will lose the weight I’m gaining”.  I did start a new job last November, joined a gym, started to lose weight, but I wanted to do something different this time around. I knew this was an old habit of mine I needed to break. Whenever a challenge came out of left field in my life, I had to play catch up on having a healthy lifestyle again. Well, no more! I made a serious and conscious lifetime commitment to staying fit. I knew this was going to be a long strenuous fight and I, most definitely, needed to be trained by a professional. I needed someone that could help me build an iron shield, sword and armor, increasing my mental and physical strength. Someone that could teach me effective tactics about gym machines, workouts, and nutrition. I needed most of all a motivator, committed to being down in the trenches with me to help me reach my goals and making sure I stay on course.

There was one thing I needed to overcome first though before I made the decision of having Gabi as my personal trainer, and that was overcoming fear. I felt so exposed, sensitive and vulnerable to request assistance.  I have always been very independent, and the thought of opening a door of a room in my house to a stranger, an area where I was struggling to maintain, and allowing them to evaluate, and guide me through this journey was a real humbling decision on my part.  But, I was also very hopeful that she would teach me how to be victorious in the battlefield of my fluctuating weight and my path to having a toned body. I am so glad to have found a courage that spoke louder than my hesitation of moving forward.

Gabi has created one of the most fun, and loving environments for me. Whether she is training me, inviting me for a hike, or checking up on my goals and achievements; she always makes me feel safe, happy, challenged, motivated, and encouraged.

What I love most about working with Gabi is that she makes you feel amazing.  You get inspired to see and experience her passion and enthusiasm for fitness and health and that vibrant energy is invigorating and contagious. She is whole heartedly and genuinely committed to you, and holds herself accountable, to see that you reach your goals. Not only am I working hard, learning, and seeing results, but most of all having fun while doing it.  

Gabi has surpassed my expectations. She lives and breathes what she preaches, leading by example in her daily life. She gives me courage to break old habits, doubts, and fears in my own life. I have been training with Gabi since July of 2017. Since then, I have lost 22 lbs. while simultaneously strengthening and toning my body. I am embracing the new me, challenging myself to reach and dream higher than ever before. During the first weekend of November, I decided I wanted to try and run a 10K trail race. I had joined Gabi on a couple of hikes this fall, and my body has so much energy now, I really wanted to test it out and find out my new limits. Mind you, the most I have ever ran before I started training with Gabi, years ago, was a 5K road race. However, for that specific weekend there were no 10K trail races, just a ½ marathon trail run at Steep Rock Perverse. Doubts creeped up my mind if I would be able to finish the race. Understandably so, since I had not been running at all prior. I did have two things going for me though, I knew I was going to be running through one of the most beautiful sceneries in Connecticut, and my body insisted, telling me “yes you can!”. Fearfully, I headed over there. Even with one hour and a half drive time of pure doubts, and my mind saying, “this is crazy”, I still went ahead and gave it a try. It was such a rewarding feeling of accomplishment when I crossed the finish line! Getting through the ever-changing difficult terrain, crossing the Shepaug “ice cold” river three times with currents, and finishing the race, would not have been a thought on my mind or a goal without Gabi’s whole-body training technique, her love for nature and love for hiking. The following week, feeling ecstatic, I completed my first 5K trail race and got my best time ever, coming in second place for my age group. I was in shock because I did not train to race, and my time was better than when I did run and train a few years ago for a 5K road race. How is this possible, I ask myself? I am so puzzled how that came to be, but so excited because Gabi’s workout program has given me fantastic results.

If I were to refer Gabi to a friend, I would tell them not worry because they are in very good hands. Gabi is extremely knowledgeable, fun, and committed to helping you change your life for the better. Gabi has made a huge positive impact in my life not for only one day, a month, or year, but for life.  I thank God who has put Gabi in my life. She is so special to me, an amazing wholesome person, and fantastic trainer.  

The most noticeable difference about my life now is because of Gabi, my “I can” attitude towards life has strengthened, mentally and physically allowing me break free from the shackles of excuses and fears and enabling me to reach and experience a new world of airy summits.

I am most proud of deciding to be fully committed to this life changing and fruitful journey, and with great respect and gratitude for Gabi’s well-rounded fitness training she is sowing in my life, I am succeeding and harvesting my rewards daily.

- Fernanda Alves


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